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Pump Rings/Wear Rings

Centrifugal pumps contain rotating impellers within stationary pump casings. Wear rings are replaceable rings that are attached to the impeller and/or the pump casing to allow a small running clearance between the impeller and the pump casing without causing wear of the actual impeller or pump casing material.
The rotating wear rings on the impeller are termed impeller wear rings and stationary wear rings inside the casing are termed as case wear rings.

Sizes Manufactured:

  • Outer Diameter : 80mm to 600mm

  • Inner Diameter: minimum 50mm

  • Wall Thickness: Minimum 8mm

Stainless Steel Alloys:

  • Martensitic: CA15, CA15M, CA6NM, CA40, CA6N, CB6

  • Austenitic: CF8, CF8C, CF8M, CF3, CF3M, CH20, CK20, CN7M

  • Duplex: CD4MCuN, CD3MN, CE3MN, CD3MWCuN.

  • Super Duplex: Gr. 1A, Gr.2A, Gr.3A, Gr. 4A, Gr.5A, Gr. 6A.

  • Nickel base Alloys: CW12MW, CW6M, CW6MC, Cu5MCuC, M35-1, CK3MCuN

We would be pleased to answer your questions on Wear Rings along with the manufacture & supply of Wear Rings as per your drawings & material specifications.

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